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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dragon Ball the Movie

Original From : Dragon Ball - The Movie -

Are You Fans of Dragon Ball...?

The world wide masterpiece that Japan can be proud of finally will make into a Hollywood movie! Many of our readers are the Dragonball generation, so we will introduce you new information in series toward the upcoming movie release in 2009 !

This is movie version Son Goku ! Goku, who is staring at a dragonball. What will he wish for with this mysterious gem?

How will original manga of Mr.Toriyama be depicted as live-action? it is anticipated in the entire world.

What is Dragonball?
Though we think it is needless to explain it, we will review for the preparation of movie release. It is created by Akira Toriyama, was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump from 1984. Strong and cheerful boy Son Goku and his adventure story captivated the readers quickly.

Dragonball allways kept running on the top of the manga field. Unfortunately it ended its serialization in 1995. Its popularity is not only domestic but also other Asia, Europe and the United States, it is loved by people all over the world.

The Cast :
Justin Chatwin as Goku

Emmy Rossum as Bulma

Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi (Mutenroshi)

Joon Park as Yamcha

Jamie Chung as Chichi

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Offical Site : Jpn , Western | Publisher : NETTS

From : Wiki
(also known as Flo) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It features a complex maritime adventure world populated with pirates and Skippers. Florensia includes flexible quests (Land and sea) placed across islands and nice graphics. The Game was developed and released by Studio NJ and NETTS in Japan, burda:ic plans to release a localized version in Europa this spring. burda:ic, a subsidiary of Hubert Burda Group obtained a world-wide license (except Asia and pacific) and plans introducing Florensia to a global market.

The game currently has four character classes that a player can choose from, where every class has its own abilities. The Pirate class will be released in the future, as well as second-level classes with a few new skills.

The 5 available classes in Florensia are[1]:

  • Mercenary (Tank/melee damage class)
The primary melee class of the game, the Mercenary can take on the role of either an offensive character or a tank. The Mercenary prefers to use daggers and swords and wears heavy armor.
  • Saint (Healer/spell damage class)
The healing class, Saints are a support class with the addition of being able to use dark magic to deal damage. The Saint prefers to use kariads (magical crystals) and light armor.
  • Explorer (Ranged damage class)
The damage dealer class with high-ranged attacks and abilities to see hidden enemies and open treasures. Wears middle armor and uses rifles and dual-guns.
  • Noble (Spell damage class)
The magical damage class with ability to cause AoE damage. The Noble can wear light armor and uses rapier in addition to preferred kariads (magical crystals) which amplifies their magical attacks.
  • Pirate


  • Armorship
  • Cannonship
  • Highspeedship
  • Maintenanceship
  • Ramship

PvP System

At the moment there are 2 PvP modes available in the game.

  • 1 vs 1
  • Party vs Party
  • Guild vs Guild (not implemented yet)


Florensia is using cluster servers in different countries and on every cluster are several worlds to offer players the choice between a less used world.

Florensia World

Florensia world is split up into 3 islands named Cardiff, Magnel and Exeter.

Each of them have own towns, NPCs, quests and dungeons. Also the world of florensia includes 2 sea-dungeons. More islands with new towns and dungeons (land/sea) are planned according to developer NetTimeSoft.

Check before Play :

  Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 2000/XP Windows 2000/XP
CPU Pentium4 1.3GHz or More Pentium4 2.4Ghz or More
Memory 512 Mb 1Gb or More
VGA GeForce4 Ti Series 64MB NGeForce 6 Series 256MB
Direct X DirectX9.0c DirectX9.0c

Video :


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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mabinogi 2 Coming Soon ?

Are you fans of Mabinogi? I found the official recruit site for Mabinogi2. I don't know details about Mabinogi 2 games. Eventually Mabinogi 2 will come out. It's not the Mabinogi: heroes or another Mabinogi Title like Mabinogi XBOX360. You can check the screenshot about this game (Taken from official Site ).

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Age of Armor

Developer: SnailGame | Genre: 3D Sci-Fi | Status: Open Beta | Platforms: PC | Game site:

Download Client : Here | Register : Here

[Age Of Armor]
, "Earth federal government" to leave Earth and Mars move "Arthur alliance" has waged a war that set the MMORPG.

It is a game, neo-human to human humanoids selected from among the tribes of the above belong to either the forces of "armor" robot can be customized to take part in the war. "Module deformation," Get in the car was armor and aircraft and other types of dinosaur "transform" (deformation) can be used. Deformation and presentation of the guard will change as well as in the move to improve speed and attack power.
The Age of Armor is open beta 4 / 28 from the start. Customizing cars and planes and armor, as well as dinosaurs and animals are shaped like a robot that can transform the game, the robots, including ones like animated movies have a strong game, I think, of some interest If you are applying for testers try How?

Age of Armor is a robot-themed online game based on the wars between Earth United Government and the Republic of Aesir. The massive multiplayer online game is at its open test stage in China.

(From onRPG)
In Age of Armor, you can:

- Explore the game world presented in incredible graphics and sound.
- Assemble your own Armor, and change it from time to time. Weapon, shield and even color are all for you to decide.
- Choose your character from three classes with distinguishing features. Make decision to be a neo-human sniper, an enhanced-human fighter or a human healer. None is replaceable.
- Find rich PVP and PVE content. We have PVP and non-PVP servers for players to choose. In some places, the two alignments will have to work together to fight against their common enemies. Moreover, new player server will help you to level up quickly without worrying about getting shot from behind.
- Form your guild and lay siege to the opponents’ cities. Rule the occupied cities and make your guild well-known and feared by the enemy.

Screenshots :

Video :

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Warhammer Online

Former publisher: EA Mythic scheduled for completion: end of the year 2008
Register (Closed Beta) : Here | Official Site : Here

This year's expectations for a flat knot this title is "Warhammer Online". Β subscribers have already closed the test more than 300,000 people and published in 2008, the world's attention on the MMORPG is no doubt one of the title.
Oh, is it too late to explanations that do not need this title released in 2004, there・・・production from the NANIYARA do with the company's bankruptcy, this time came, but "Dark Age Of Camelot ", PvP RvR and fun into the world's most known Mythic Entertainment attention to hand over a gun, but also speed the development of the EA Mythic Entertainment acquired by itself, is currently funding EA Mythic is a lot of development activities.
The various title, but even the current experimental stage, large-HIT already promised by that? I feel so good momentum. Diablo graphics reminiscent of warriors, like I'm just a thrill. If you like the game of Mythic Entertainment, PvP RvR and the main aim will be placed on the title, the engineer from the increasingly high expectations are growing.
When the service started? PLAY What Price? And still nothing has been announced yet, but this exciting game to meet me until I want to develop slowly.

Latest Screenshots :

Screenshots was taken from Official Site

Video Trailer :

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Monday, April 28, 2008

World of Warcraft Funniest Home Video Part 1

Here, i take the video from Youtube. Funniest Video from Creative Gamers... :)

300 World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Too Sexy

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Street Fighter 4 Game Play

Source : Gamepro
After 10 Years of remakes and spin-offs, Capcom has finally announced that the fighting juggernaut Street Fighter is well inti development on its fourth iteration.

Here the Latest Video !

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Guild Wars: Eye of the North Guided E3 Demo Video

Source :

At E3 2007, Guild Wars: Eye of the North was demonstrated for media exclusively, but was not available on the show floor. Now for the first time, gamers will be able to see this exclusive E3 demo in its entirety through the Guild Wars: Eye of the North guided E3 demo video. Gamers will see more of the new regions contained in the Guild Wars expansion, including the Eye of the North, Gunnar’s Hold and Rata Sum. The demo, which is narrated by design lead Ben Miller, also features a detailed look at one of the dungeons, Aracni’s Haunt, the highly anticipated Hall of Monuments, and much more.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North will hit retail stores on August 31, until then visit the
official site
for more Guild Wars information and as always check out our GW page for more goodies.

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WoW offering Free Character Transfers

Source : / FileFront / World of Warcraft Forum

Blizzard is offering qualifying players free character transfers for their World of Warcraft avatars.

Players on certain High population realms can transfer their characters to new or low population realms. The offer started yesterday and is available until Thursday, February 7 at 3:00 PM PST. If you’re interested check into it ASAP because once the transfer quota for each server is filled the offer will be closed for that server.

Blizzard :
We will be offering free character moves from selected high population realms to lower populated realms, assisting in population dispersal. The ability to move a character on the selected source realms will become available on Thursday, January 31 at 3:00 PM PST, and are scheduled to run until Thursday, February 7 at 3:00 PM PST.

In the event that a realm meets our transfer goals before the scheduled end date, the transfers to that realm will be disabled. We highly recommend that if you are planning to transfer that you do so at your earliest convenience. No characters will be eligible for these free moves once the transfers have been closed.

Once the transfers open you can begin your transfer by visiting the Character Move page located here:

The realms chosen consist of source realms with the highest sustained queues, and destination realms with the lowest population. The numbers gathered are directly from our data, and depict the realms in most need of these transfers. We will be continuing to monitor all realms and open additional free transfers in the future where necessary.

Source A (PvP)
Burning Blade

Destination A (PvP)

Source B (PvP)
Twisting Nether

Destination B (PvP)

Source C (PvP)
Shattered Hand

Destination C (PvP)

Source D (PvE)
Aerie Peak
Argent Dawn

Desination D (PvE)

Ghostlands* is a new realm. Character creation for this realm will be turned off for the duration of the transfers.

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Another WoW Tragedy ?

Original Title : Virginia Tech, Suicide And World Of Warcraft

Source from :

Last month, a Virginia Tech student was found dead in the Target parking lot of the Christiansburg, Virginia store with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. His name was Daniel Kim, a 21-year old senior at the university. Unfortunately, some individuals have already started making assumptions that somehow his death was related to and possibly caused by gaming.

After doing a little research, I discovered that gaming is actually the one thing in his life that gave him a chance to live. Daniel was an avid Warcraft player who had developed numerous friendships playing the game over the past couple of years. The only warning signs that he was on the edge came in the form of emails sent to the university from various WoW players who were concerned for his safety. Unfortunately, little action was taken from the warnings and as we all know, Daniel Kim is now dead.

This was an unfortunate and probably preventable tragedy. It’s also unfortunate that some people will try to blame games when gaming may have been the only positive thing going on in his life. Online multiplayer games have a social aspect that the media simply does not understand. You create bonds with people you have never seen in real life. When it’s the middle of the night and there’s no one to talk to in person, there’s always a gamer somewhere online who will talk. When things are heavy on my mind, I often fire up the Xbox 360 and play some “big team battle” with my Halo 3 friends. I’ve never met any of them in real life, but I consider them true friends. I think one of the major problems with the media right now is that they simply do not see the overall kindness and generosity most gamers have in their hearts. As gamers, we do talk a lot of smack, but that’s honestly part of the fun. In the end, I truly believe that most hard-core gamers are good people with kind natures.

To be honest, I can’t objectively tackle the subject of video games and Virginia Tech at the same time. I was enraged that people such as Jack Thompson blamed the April 16 massacre on gaming when I was there and I saw what happened. I lost a good friend that day and I suppose that makes me take these media attacks personally. When you see large collections of lifeless bodies lying in pools of blood, you just don’t think of what to blame. There are more important issues at hand. Perhaps the media is simply too far detached from the reality of life to understand these tragedies. It did not surprise me that some people are voicing their opinions that gaming was somehow behind this recent suicide in the Hokie community.

Daniel Kim was an avid World of Warcraft player. He didn’t leave much behind in life. The only clues come from the traces of information from his instant messenger and Warcraft files. He left a cell phone behind with many numbers in them, but no one really knows what happened. I’m sure he’ll be missed by his WoW comrades. It was great that some of his Warcraft friends made attempts to contact the university asking for someone to help him. I think this situation shows how video game communities often care about each other more than we realize. It’s just a shame no one followed up on the emails the way they should have.

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