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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Warhammer Online

Former publisher: EA Mythic scheduled for completion: end of the year 2008
Register (Closed Beta) : Here | Official Site : Here

This year's expectations for a flat knot this title is "Warhammer Online". Β subscribers have already closed the test more than 300,000 people and published in 2008, the world's attention on the MMORPG is no doubt one of the title.
Oh, is it too late to explanations that do not need this title released in 2004, there・・・production from the NANIYARA do with the company's bankruptcy, this time came, but "Dark Age Of Camelot ", PvP RvR and fun into the world's most known Mythic Entertainment attention to hand over a gun, but also speed the development of the EA Mythic Entertainment acquired by itself, is currently funding EA Mythic is a lot of development activities.
The various title, but even the current experimental stage, large-HIT already promised by that? I feel so good momentum. Diablo graphics reminiscent of warriors, like I'm just a thrill. If you like the game of Mythic Entertainment, PvP RvR and the main aim will be placed on the title, the engineer from the increasingly high expectations are growing.
When the service started? PLAY What Price? And still nothing has been announced yet, but this exciting game to meet me until I want to develop slowly.

Latest Screenshots :

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