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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Age of Armor

Developer: SnailGame | Genre: 3D Sci-Fi | Status: Open Beta | Platforms: PC | Game site:

Download Client : Here | Register : Here

[Age Of Armor]
, "Earth federal government" to leave Earth and Mars move "Arthur alliance" has waged a war that set the MMORPG.

It is a game, neo-human to human humanoids selected from among the tribes of the above belong to either the forces of "armor" robot can be customized to take part in the war. "Module deformation," Get in the car was armor and aircraft and other types of dinosaur "transform" (deformation) can be used. Deformation and presentation of the guard will change as well as in the move to improve speed and attack power.
The Age of Armor is open beta 4 / 28 from the start. Customizing cars and planes and armor, as well as dinosaurs and animals are shaped like a robot that can transform the game, the robots, including ones like animated movies have a strong game, I think, of some interest If you are applying for testers try How?

Age of Armor is a robot-themed online game based on the wars between Earth United Government and the Republic of Aesir. The massive multiplayer online game is at its open test stage in China.

(From onRPG)
In Age of Armor, you can:

- Explore the game world presented in incredible graphics and sound.
- Assemble your own Armor, and change it from time to time. Weapon, shield and even color are all for you to decide.
- Choose your character from three classes with distinguishing features. Make decision to be a neo-human sniper, an enhanced-human fighter or a human healer. None is replaceable.
- Find rich PVP and PVE content. We have PVP and non-PVP servers for players to choose. In some places, the two alignments will have to work together to fight against their common enemies. Moreover, new player server will help you to level up quickly without worrying about getting shot from behind.
- Form your guild and lay siege to the opponents’ cities. Rule the occupied cities and make your guild well-known and feared by the enemy.

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